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We design, implement, and engineer reliable solutions in the field of aquaculture. Aiming to attain success for our worthy customers.

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Recirculating aquaculture system

Orangeaqua provides advanced RAS system mechanisms with efficient energy and land usage. The system will be focused on optimal feeding strategy, effortless fish harvesting, disease-controlled environment, UV disinfection, and water treatment mechanisms, all toned with modern technology upgrades.


Research systems for aquatic organism

Receive coordinated information about your RAS mechanism using a fully controlled environmental research system. Setup-ed with high-density sensors, our research algorithms work as a supporting protocol for the client to get promising data regarding the efficiency, reliability, and many other variables of their fish farm.


Surface water treatment plant

Engineering durable water treatment systems that regulate with advanced water purification facilities involves removing toxins and hazards from the supplying source. The technology that we use composes the removal of nitrates and sanitizes surface water based on biological cleaning systems.

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Signal & data processing systems

Sustainable system designs with artificial intelligence algorithms built for monitoring, controlling, and automizing aquaculture parameters including; Oxygen concentration, pH, temperature, and turbidity levels. Resulting in better oxygenation, nitrification, and foreseeing unwanted problems.


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Orange Aqua going International!
A team of dedicated craftsmen and engineers, all set to help customers around the globe. We aim to improve and prosper the aquaculture business worldwide.

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